User feedback update - Aug 2023

Joe Tannorella


I'd like to thank everyone for their feedback over the last week or so - we really really appreciate it!

It's all been so useful and is really driving our roadmap – so exciting to see!

Here's an update on the top problems that have come out of this round of feedback. We'll be exploring solutions to all of the below over the next few weeks.

"I'd like to know where I am on the course / my product journey"
  • There is presently no way currently to see what lessons are coming up
Lessons being shown in threads instead of the main chat is sub-optimal for some users
  • We'll experiment with moving away from threads and putting lessons straight into the channel
  • We will also experiment with using more hierarchy to introduce lessons (the Slack API provides the ability to use different font sizes and interfaces for this)
  • We made the decision to use threads originally because we felt it would result in a more organised learning experience, but it doesn't feel that's the result we're hearing from everyone. Results in some anxiety about missed/unread messages and doesn't result in a good 'flow' of lessons in all cases
It's not possible to retake lessons
  • Some people want to retake a lesson but it's not possible in any way currently
  • Also some people may decline a challenge, but subsequently want to change their decision
  • We're exploring an interface to be able to retake a lesson from the RR Slack app homepage
Improve the utility of the Rocket Role AI chatbot
  • Currently this is predominantly free access to GPT3.5 Turbo from within Slack, and it isn't connected to your Rocket Role course
  • Originally we did build in functionality to be able to start a course using conversational text, but removed this just to keep things simple
  • However, based on some feedback we think it's worth considering how to get more mileage out of the chat interface in the @Rocket Role AI. Would love some ideas from people here, but we've discussed:
  • Make it possible to ask questions about any lessons you've taken so far (we've upload the content into a vector database and essentially make it chattable)
  • Make it possible to interface with the course and lessons with the AI (start a course, retake a lesson, etc.)

In other news:

  • This week we're onboarding some creators who will be building their own courses on the Rocket Role platform.
  • VERY excited by this as some creators will be offering asynchronous coaching along with their training course, which will make product coaching we more affordable than it is today.
  • Fixing lots of little bugs, small issues, and quality of life things within the core technology/tool (e.g. optimising prompt timing)

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