Revolutionising professional development

Rethinking how every professional up-skills in their jobs

Spent 10+ years shipping products, most recently as VP of Product at

Built and sold multiple companies, including a SaaS and a 40-person consulting company.

Professional development is not fit for the times that we live in today.

In the future, everybody is going to be mentored and trained by digital body doubles of the world's most accomplished experts.

Attention spans are drastically shortening. People are changing roles more frequently than ever. Workforces are having to adapt faster than ever. Remote working is now the standard in many industries.

Rocket Role was built with all of this in mind.

Having struggled with his own professional development for many years and constantly feeling imposter syndrome, he realised that the current state of training and development felt broken.

Joe and Luke met in 2008 when Joe started freelancing for Luke's SaaS company, and have started and worked on multiple products together ever since.