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Supercharge your product management abilities

Shows you what best-in-class looks like, then ensures you achieve it – all via Slack

Solves imposter syndrome for Product Managers

Not making time to learn?

Got 5 mins between meetings? Use the Duolingo-like quick learning, fully contextualised to your role & goals.

Afraid to ask 'silly' questions?

Embarrassed to ask something because you think you should know it already? Rocket Role doesn't judge!

Lacking a mentor & coach?

Missing an elusive coach and mentor that you keep hearing about online? Rocket Role is just that - a specialist mentor.

Want role-specific advice?

Advice that's tailored to your specific job, context, and goals – not generic tips.

Lacking a plan for yourself?

Rocket Role crafts personalized upskilling plans for you. From getting promotion-ready to on-demand quick tips.

Tired of the same difficulties?

Stop accepting difficulties in work and put plans of action in place to improve issues, once and for all.

How do we know it works?
More than 50 discovery interviews, months in beta & decades as product managers ourselves.

Actions & accountability to keep improving

From specific problems to "just make me a better PM". Improve every skill.

Create a product strategy
Regularly talk to users
Learn to manage up
Improve team meeting presentations
Identify my blindspots
Improve product discovery
Practice self-awareness
Address imposter syndrome
Motivate engineering team
Am I doing proper PM work?
Appear more confident
Become a senior PM
Optimize user feedback calls
Move to leadership role
Refine work for engineering team

Your own experienced product expert to talk you through solutions,
and check in to make sure you're taking action.
Supporting you 24/7, Powered by AI.

Start 7-days free coaching

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Like a human coach... but with superpowers 🦸

Infinite memory, intelligent reminders, available 24/7 in Slack, and more.

Checks in & keeps you on track

Never feel lost doing anything ever again. Get help, tips, reminders, offers to role play and much more for every action and accountability reminder sent to you.

Completely tailored to you

Every piece of advice is created specifically for & tailored to you. No need to wonder how to apply theory from books & training to your role.

Prioritises a plan of action for you

Advice prescribed for the perfect balance between quick wins & long-term goals, all prioritized to deliver maximum impact to your work life.

Embeds into your work day

Skip the hassle of making time for training. Get personalized, relevant, actionable advice to apply immediately to solve your daily challenges.

Learns your strengths & weaknesses

The coach with infinite memory. All past challenges, advice, and actions make your experience continually optimised and relevant to you.

Just-in-time learning, 24/7

Instant access to solve any problem, big or small, all at your finger tips in Slack.

A world-class product coach by your side 24/7.
What are you waiting for?

Seamlessly integrates into your day

Grow in your role

Step-by-step plans for any problem, and helps with contextual ad hoc advice.


Everything custom tailored to your work organisational context.

Always learning

All engagement with Rocket Role improves its future lessons.

PM co-pilot

Actions, nudges, lessons, insights – all pushed to you at the right time.

Imagine the world's best human coach, but...


They have infinite memory


Every second of their day is dedicated to you (they have no other clients!)


They have the combined knowledge of every other product expert on the planet


They're available to answer you questions, clarification, and worries any time – 24/7.


They're infinitely patient and infinitely skilful, happy to role play actions & provide clarity to any problem

Simple pricing


Launch offer:
$10/mo for the first 3 months after your 7 day trial ends.

Begin 7-days of free coaching

No card required

A world-class product coach by your side 24/7.
What are you waiting for?

A product you never thought was possible

Traditional learning

Books – courses – blogs – podcasts

  • You rarely try new PM techniques

  • You don't feel challenged to become a better PM

  • No accountability actioning training/course material

  • You're not actively addressing your weaknesses

  • You have imposter syndrome

Your own personal mentor & expert trainer

  • Actions laid out step-by-step to try out

  • Intelligent challenges set around your schedule

  • Actions so relevant that you'll immediately try them

  • 24/7 AI mentor on-hand for professional advice

  • Demonstrably become a more skilled PM

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