the Future of training

Scale & monetise your expertise in a delightful way

Train and coach your audience at scale whilst unlocking a new income stream.

121 mentoring with limitless scale

Wrap all of your knowledge up into a Rocket Role program and deliver it intelligently to your subscribers through Slack.

Write and deliver high-impact training in a new way

Offer multiple subscriptions, including text-based coaching

Automate bi-directional conversation thanks to AI

Assess and improve your subscriber's skills

Bonus - All of your content transformed into an AI answer bot

Creator program

How it works


Apply to creator program

We are actively looking for creators who can provide value to product managers.


Program co-creation

We take care of all the heavy-lifting, leaving you to design the most value program possible for your subscribers.



Invite your audience to your Rocket Role program, and we'll do the rest.


Iterate & improve

Use Rocket Role analytics to improve your program over time based on usage and subscriber feedback.

Share & monetise your expertise

Apply to Creator Program

Keep the human touch

View an audit trail of every interaction from ever subscriber and hop in to provide extra guidance where necessary.

Let subscribers escalate questions to the real you

Full audit trail for each subscriber

DM subscribers at any time directly into their Slack for additional ad hoc advice

Lifelike training, hands-off

Your subscribers will feel like it's genuinely you messaging them and responding to them in Slack.

Give lifelike, quality answers powered by GPT-4

Give reminders and provide actionable guidance identically as you would if you were DMing on Slack

AI powered by your content

Integrate all of your published content from anywhere and allow your subscribers to ask questions with GPT-4 powered answers.

Audience Analytics

Understand which topics your subscribers struggle with and understand what content to create next.